Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Angela's Birthday

Today is my wife's birthday, and I thought I'd post a short poem I wrote for her. All men should write poetry for their wives, though they will, understandably, complain of a lack of time, or of inspiration. This bit of verse (poor though it is, I've no doubt), written during my lunch break at work, proves that an unromantic setting can (with imagination) be overcome, and that even such time as we have can be put to some use.

May the day of your birth be remembered always,
By all who love Goodness, her Motherly ways;
By all who love Truth, who from her would not part;
By all who love Beauty, her glory and art.

May the day of your birth be never forgotten,
By all of your children, unborn and begotten;
By kith and by kin, by allies and foes;
By a bridegroom whose love for you kindles and glows.

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Patsy said...

Chad, as usual, you have brought forth the Beautiful in your poem for Angela. Thanks for sharing it with us. She is being honored this week, in a somewhat larger setting, through your blog and our "Homely House". It is fitting; she is a worthy lady. God has blessed us mightily with her presence in our lives.