Monday, June 19, 2006


'He married a fat widow and had a passel of kids on the Blanco river. And you might as well have done the same since you don't want to chase buffalo.' (Augustus McCrae in the film version of Lonesome Dove.

My brother Chris and I have debated the exact boundaries of a 'passel' (Merriam-Webster simply has 'a large number or amount') but he insists that with three kids I'm closing in fast. Here's a picture from Nathanael's birthday last month: first time reading Holy Scripture to our new little one.

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Anonymous said...

As the proponent of the 3-could-be-a-passel argument let me state emphatically that 3 most certainly could be an official passel. However, in the times of Augustus McRae 3 would not be a passel but in the modern world I would say you certainly could have a passel.
Chris Newsom