Friday, July 24, 2015

Birthday Poems: William 2014

Continuing to post older family poems, and continuing with William's, since his birthday was this week, here's one from last year, and one of my favorites.

No Quarter for Dragons
A Poem for William on His Eleventh Birthday

Kill the Dragon! Lo, he comes,
And in his face a fire of hate;
But now I hear the warlike drums
Call us to stand before the gate.
Refuse to let him in!

He comes with armies at his back—
A legion flying through the air;
Preparing for a bold attack,
They fling their darts of black despair,
Their fiery darts of sin.

And William, they are here for you:
To wreck and ruin all your days,
To shade and shadow all that's true,
And set the house of faith ablaze:
A day of shock and awe.

These dragons following their lord,
Are sins, temptations, custom-made
For you; so sharpen now your sword,
For they are coming to invade
The citadel of Law.

You must fight on! For there can be
No treaty made with such as these;
No quarter! If you would be free,
The Black Flag o'er your enemies
Must fly and never fall.

So William, hear your father's word,
As birthday wishes now come true:
Be killing sin, or, rest assured,
It will be always killing you—
But hope in Christ for all.

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